People with English as their first language to volunteer 15 hours a week helping your host family with conversational English. That’s it. Many Peruvian families want to learn English or get better at speaking English through conversation. They are willing to provide a private room and 3 meals, 6 days per week.

The tutor’s work is to help any family member with conversational English and will be 15 hours a week, according to the schedule the tutor and family establishes. Tutoring can be to one or to all Peruvian family members.

Meanwhile, you get to immerse yourself in Peruvian culture. Thanks to a focus on the exchange of cultures, you will be experiencing the rich history, landscape, and cuisine of Peru while your host family enjoys learning English from you.

The used methodology is existential or conventional. For example: games, meals, outside the structured city or sessions. Be prepared with a Pictionary and a Spanish English dictionary or any other material that can help you communicate.

Families receive copy of the application, references and photos of the tutor before their acceptance.



    • Teaching the host family English up to 15 hours a week Monday to Friday
    • Come up with creative, fun, and informative lesson plans
    • Keep your room tidy and clean
    • Respect host family’s rules and habits
    • Manage your own personal expenses (telephone bills, clothing, entertainment and spending money)
    • Helping children with their English homework
    • Play games in English with the children
    • Create and teach educational games and activities

    • Travel for less.
    • You put in a couple of hours each day literally talking, and the rest of your time is spent traveling and experiencing the culture in depth.
    • Do you want to learn Spanish or brush up on your language skills? We can easily arrange optional language classes for you. It’s up to you.
    • You “meet” your family in advance through email and phone calls. Each family is interviewed and carefully screened by in-country staff.

    • 18 years of age +
    • English speaking student that come with great ability to tutor (The tutors are not necessarily professors, nevertheless its maternal language is the English)
    • Interested in learning about new culture
    • Must be open and flexible
    • Must be mature enough to live far away from home
    • Must have an understanding of the goals, objectives and expectations of the program

    • Transfer service
    • Orientation
    • 24/7 assistance
    • Homestay (during program length)
    • 3 meals from Monday to Saturday
    • Family information
    • Tour information

    • Insurance
    • Air Tickets
    • Vaccinations
    • Money for personal expenses
    • Additional transportation (depending on destination if necessary)
    • Visas (if necessary)
    • Local transportation (buses, taxis, etc.)
    • Recreation activities