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Are you interested in taking Spanish lessons while traveling? We offer you short practical lessons in different cities around Peru. We can also adapt them according to your needs.


Spanish lessons are based on general subject matters, such as the Peruvian Culture, daily situations, and also subjects on any specific field; giving more emphasis on speaking the language. The participant is placed in its own level individually or in small groups and taught by qualified teacher.

Also, you have the option to live with a Peruvian Family during their Spanish Lessons. It’s up to you!
These courses are given in Lima or Cusco

Choose your option!

Option 1: Survival Spanish

Included 10 hours during 1 week

Lessons specially for travelers. Available in Lima and Cusco. If you need to learn some basic communication skills quickly while traveling, this course is the one you need.

Some examples topic are asking for directions, taking the bus, exchanging currency and making your traveling plans. You also learn about the city and cultural protocol in Peru.

Option 2: During your stay

Included 80 hours during 4 weeks

If you already know the language or if you are a beginner can suit perfectly to you. This course will improve what you already know and help you refresh your mind also loose up your tongue or if you are a starter, it will help you learn faster, since you will practice during your daily activities and will have the course to cover all your question and doubts, increasing your vocabulary.

You would be evaluated and put into your own level. The schedule can be also arranged according to other activities.

Option 3: Intensive Program

Included 20 hours during 1 week

The Intensive Spanish program designed to support you with precise vocabulary that will help you around.
It is recommended before or during your inbound program like volunteer or teach.

Inbound program + Spanish lessons

If you think to travel to Peru and participate in one of our programs but you feel you need to improve your Spanish you can take some Spanish lessons with a special rate.

Before or during your program that you are involved, you can take one or two weeks of Spanish lessons related to the placement or career. The lessons will be offered in Lima or Cusco, depending on your program placement.

Included for all the options

* Permanent assistance of the personnel from INTEJ’s staff
* Spanish Material
* Tours information

Any additional infomation, just let us know!

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